Speak to someone who knows you for at least five years. How do they ‘identify’ you? Your thoughts?

Having friends is what makes a person’s life more interesting, and a worth keeping friend is one who gives you encouragement and stick with you through happy and tough time.

How u see yourself is usually different from how others see you. First off I would like to state how I identify myself. I feel that I am a pretty shy and reserved person, calm and open-minded.
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After becoming close friends you may often become curious of their first impression of you and how they identify you. I have close friends who didn’t make it to polytechnic and are continuing their O levels and others who went to different polytechnic. I got pretty curious and excited when I saw this reflection topic so during the weekend, I decided to create a meetup for all of us and while having lunch together I decided to ask them about this topic.

The first friend I asked was Alicia (left), she had been my seatmate since secondary 1 till the end of my secondary school life, as we live near each other as well, we became closer as we go home together. How she identify me was that I am a person who is shy on the outside and wild on the inside and that I am a caring person. when I heard this, I felt that it was accurate as I really do identify myself as quite a shy person towards strangers and I need some time to get use to a person before I can show my outgoing side to them. Just like myself, Alicia is also a pretty shy and calm person, therefore when I am with her I feel comfortable and at ease. However as we are both shy and quiet, I often feel the need to take the lead in things and be the more reliable one. (right) Yun Jin stated that she thinks that I am a cute, patient and funny person. I agree that I am indeed a patient person and that I don’t blow up easily however the flaw is that I don’t cool off that easily either and that is something I plan to change about myself. Yun Jin is a really humorous and out going person and that brings out a cheeky side of me and I tend to be more playful with her.

The next friends I decided to ask is Jiayi (left) and BingJie (right). Jiayi mention that at first she felt that I was stuck up as I don’t talk, smile and greet people much but as she got to know me more she realize that I am a caring and nice person. Bing Jie stated that I look innocent and that I am a nice person but I should speak up more and be more sociable. After hearing this, I feel that I should change myself a bit. As I had mention before that I am relatively shy in front of newly met people so I often keep to the side and don’t project myself much and don’t dare to approach others that is why I may have given out a wrong impression of being stuck up. This make me want to try to be more sociable and be more approachable in SP.

Lastly I asked a friend of mine whom I met in an exchange school program. He identify me as a quiet but caring person. A trustworthy and funny person. We got to work with each other a lot through the exchange program and it was then we became close friends. I feel honored to hear that I am a trustworthy person😂.

Lastly I just want to conclude that I feel really fortunate to meet all of them and that without them I wouldn’t be who I am today, it is with them that I became more sociable and learn to speak up more. I am really glad to have met them in my secondary school, it change my life for the better and it help me gain more confidence in myself and I really enjoy myself a lot with them. 😍😍😍




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