What exactly do I value?

What are my character strengths and weaknesses?

I found out about my character strengths and weaknesses through the following quiz


Feel free to try it to know more about yourself:)

StrengthsProfile-4236003 (1)_Page_1

StrengthsProfile-4236003 (1)_Page_2

StrengthsProfile-4236003 (1)_Page_3

Have my parents influenced my character strengths somehow? How can I use my strengths to create the kind of society I wish to live in?

My parents has always told me that rather than seeing me becoming a smart individual they rather see me grow up to be a kind and helpful person. They also taught me not to give up on something I love doing easily, so that lead me to grow out my perseverance.

I also love watching many movies and dramas so that also influenced my character strengths, one of the show I watched recently was named “Three Idiots” through this movie it also thought me a lot about the importance of friendship, fairness, judgement and teamwork. It also taught me to chase what I love to do.

I feel that in the society, everyone thoughts and opinions should all be respected even if you don’t agree with what the person said. I also feel that you should always try and never give up in whatever you aspire to do, no matter how impossible it seems, it is never wrong to take a step into it and try to do whatever you can.

A society where I wish to live in is where one will always feel that their opinions are respected and everyone will be treated fairly without biasness or discrimination. People will also learn the importance of family and friends and learn to cherish one another.

Learning about all these character strength through the quiz, I can use them by aspiring others to fend for what they love, telling them to follow their dreams and teach them about love and friendship. I can also use them when I have a family, teaching my kids the right moral value and raising them to be a good and brave person.



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