Made In Singapore (CA1)

 In this world that we live in, there are more than a million creations, some that rock the world, some that don’t but still leave an impression, some that were created donkey years ago and still used in the present. Every creation, big or small, have its significance and we shouldn’t be afraid to step out into the big world with our creation. Here are some of Singapore’s creation that have made a change to the world.


Carousell was founded on May 1,2012. the co-founders named Quek Siu Rui, Lucas Ngoo and Marcus Tan. Carousell allows users to sell and buy products in ease. Sellers can list their item that they want to sell just by creating an account, snapping a photo of their item and posting it onto their list. Buyers who are interested to buy the product can purchase the items by chatting with the sellers via an in-built private chat messenger. The seller can choose to meet up with the buyer to collect their item after purchase or choose to collect their item via mailing. There are a variety of items sold, ranging from baby items to female and male clothings, others like beauty products, design and craft, games and toys, gardening and plants, k-pop, j-pop, etc. While looking through and you spot many similar items with different pricing, you can heart it to save the item into the folder call “My Likes” to look at it again later and compare the condition before making a selection.


I personally owned a Carousell account and have made purchases before. It is one of my favourite invention and app to use. I love buying from carousell as unlike other online websites that only provide mailing, Carousell allows me to personally collect my item from the seller via meetup, this allows me to check the condition of the item and send it back if there are any defects. I am also rather busy with school, so mailing is rather difficult for me as I wouldn’t be sure when the item would arrive at my door, if I miss the arrival time, it would cause inconvenience to me.

Another thing I like about Carousell is that it allows payment during meetup, this really helps a lot for people who doesn’t own a credit card as most online website only allows online bank transfer. I have brought many items from Carousell and so far the experience is really great, so I would highly recommend people to download the app. 

reference: Jacky Yap,2014, [online] Available at


CreoPop is the world’s 1ST 3D Pen. It doesn’t have any hot parts, no melting plastic and doesn’t come with an unpleasant smell. It is created by Dmitry Starodubtsev. Dmitry is a serial entrepreneur with a record of building successful businesses in 3D photo mapping and vending machines. He has a engineering degree.

CreoPop enables users to create their own quirky design. It is safe for use at home and children can see their creations form 3D in front of their eyes in thin air.

CreoPop pen comes with many unique inks such as the Glow-in-the-dark version in green, red and crystal color, Glittering ink, Temperature sensitive ink which changes color when exposed to heat while still remaining cool to touch, Aromatic ink which comes with a variety of pleasant scents and lastly the regular ink in multiple color.

The reason why I chose to share this CreoPop product is because I find this product really unique, it is also really great for children as it lets them run their wild imagination and let them enjoy art & craft in a whole new level. It is also safe for them to use as it doesn’t use heat so even young children are allowed to use this unsupervised. It is suitable for all ages even adults. People who like designing artifacts but doesn’t like 3D drawing on paper can also use this product to bring their idea to life.


Thing I would create if I was an inventor

This idea came from the “Find my Iphone”

Everyday when we go out, we need our Ezlink card wherever we go. For me, it is not only the most frequently used item but also the most frequently misplaced item so I was thinking of creating a device that could link our phone and our Ezlink card together. Our phone is the 2nd most used item.

I was thinking of how there will be this app design in our phone to track a chip that will be inserted into our ezlink card. Whenever we open the app, it will help track where you misplace your card, it can also scan through things, for example, when the card is drop into the corner of the sofa or under a heap of clothing. whenever you press the ‘search’ button on the app, it will make the chip in the Ezlink card beep out with an audible siren and make your card shine with a red color so it is conspicuous.

The Ezlink card is essential for travelling wherever I go, this will help me out a lot especially if I was rushing for time and can’t find my card. It can also help forgetful people like me or people who are of old age already and the memory are decreasing.


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