Weekly Reflections: What do I like and dislike most about Singapore? Do I possess any of these positive/negative characteristics?

I am born in Singapore and have been living here since I was born. Living here for the past 16 years, I have grow fond of some things and grown dislike towards some others.

One of the things I love about Singapore is that Singapore have a convenient transport system. Singapore is small, so it doesn’t take too long to travel from one place to another. the longest is perhaps around 2 hours plus. There are bus services or Mrt (mass rapid transit) services to almost every places in Singapore so there isn’t a need for all families to own their own car. which can save us a lot of money and help conserve the environment. Having too many vehicle harms the environment as driving vehicles involve combustion of a fossil fuel which emits gasses that harms the environment. Cars emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide which contribute to global warming.

Singapore is safe, there is lower major crime rates as compared to other countries. I like how it is still rather safe to be walking home on the streets at like 1 am. There are also many police stations around Singapore and police offices patrolling every now and then. It is also because Singapore have a very strict law.

“There are a total of 30 different forms of crime in Singapore which can incur caning, including drug abuse, possession of weapons, kidnapping, robbery, sexual abuse, rioting, overstaying a visa by more than 90 days, and the aforementioned vandalism.” InterNations ‘Safety, law, and crime in Singapore’ [Online] Available at: https://www.internations.org/singapore-expats/guide/16087-safety-security/safety-law-and-crime-in-singapore-16092

Another thing I like about Singapore is that everyone in Singapore will have housing. unlike some bigger country, as Singapore is small, it is easier to handle and look after the current affairs.

One thing I don’t like about Singapore is that there are Singaporeans that are still rather racist and holds discrimination. I don’t possess this quality however I know some people who does and it sad to see that although we are known as a multiracial society, racism and discrimination can still be spotted here and there.


In Singapore, we are taught to always be the best in everything we do, and these teaching will lead us to being a self-centered individual. This is also one of the qualities I dislike in people. As education standard improve, people will start getting more competitive to be the best among everyone. That is the kind of world we live in where ‘life is a race’ and people only remembers those who comes in first and not the runner up.



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