Worker Writes (CA1)

contentA word standing alone may be just a word but when two or more words comes together to form a phrase or sentence, it adds on meaning to the words and it becomes poetry. An example is when fire is written alone and when it is written as “The fire jumped from tree to tree like flying squirrels.” (Bill Bergstrom,2003, pg 220) It contains the same word fire but it gives out different impression. Poems contain figurative language like simile, metaphor and personification. The above example contains personification.


In the world there are numerous amount of poems and poets, I learn Literature and love reading poetry so when I heard about our construction workers writing poetry, I can’t help but feel my curiosity kick in.

I researched online and learn that the winners for the competition out of the shortlist 10 were Zakir Hussain Khokhon for his poem “Pocket 2”, Rajib Shil Jibon’s “Shades Of Light and Dark~ and N Rengarajan’s “Lessons From Circumstances”.

My favourite poem is N Rengarajan’s “Lessons From Circumstances” his poem can be found via this link.

I chose this because it touched my heart and made it sadden a bit when it wrote “Mother when I fell, not knowing how to walk, you would pick me up. But when you fell, unable to walk I pushed you away.” this is really true as with technology rising, children nowadays are glued to their gadgets and seem to have an uncaring heart towards their parents. It makes me think about how un-treasured our parents are, they who took care of us and grow us with their heart, only wanting to see us grow up healthy but their heart never reach us. It make me think back on the actions I could have done better and to treasure them while they are still with me.

N Rengarajan also wrote “a peculiar disease…..cancer, aids, ebola, even love kill by their presence. Money alone kills by absence.” this shows how small family matters to people when money comes into the picture, people fighting over inheritance, people fighting, killing for money. It shows me the reality of the world we live in.

Reading through all the poem, I feel happy to see our construction workers doing what they love and how they are recognised for their talent and effort. Many construction workers are still facing discriminations in our multi-racial society so through this competition, they are able to come together using their similar passion for poetry.


Bill Bergstrom (2003) Peshtigo, Xlibris Corporation

Onlinecitizen (December 2,2015) Singapore’s migrant workers poets Available at: (Accessed 16/7/2016)



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