$5 Challenge (CA1)

In the world, there are many children who still suffer from hunger. I find myself fortunate as I am able to eat proper meals everyday, although I am not born with a silver spoon, but I’m not living in poverty. For this activity, I try to put myself in their shoes and experience how it feels like to have only $5 to spend for the day.

I started out the day with vanilla bread for breakfast. It cost me $1. I usually don’t eat heavy breakfast so the bread was able to keep me full till lunch time.


During lunch break, I bought a tuna onigiri from the japanese sushi store which cost me $2.


For dinner, I brought myself rice noodle roll (A.k.a: chee cheong fun) which cost $1.50


This is the first time I ate so little for dinner.

From this activity, I learn that we need to treasure food. We should always only take the amount of portion of food we can finish, so that we won’t have leftovers. Food that we waste can save another person’s life. With the $5, I am fortunate to still be able to buy my three meals, some children overseas in countries suffering from poverty goes through days without food. It also teaches me to conserve water as not every country have safe, clean, drinkable water.

This is a very good experience for teenagers and young kids as they will learn the importance of treasuring food and money, they will learn not to take things for granted.

I highly recommend others to try this activity out as it would make you think twice before wasting food next time.


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