Global Voices (CA1)

Having a world population of 7.4 Billion, anything can happen everywhere. With the increase of technology and globalization, it is easy to be notified about things that are happening around the world, be it through the television, the newspaper, the internet and even through your family and friends.

I started researching through and here is one article that caught my eye.


This article is about a Polar bear from Mendoza, Argentina. It was kept captive for 23 years. The 31 years old polar bear recently died in the zoo in July 2016. What caught my eye is the bad conditioned zoo and the poor treatment the polar bear received.

Arturo died due to the high temperatures during the summer months, he suffered from heat waves.

Since the summer of 2014, there were intense protests going on at the zoo, demanding them to give Arturo proper care, even if that meant sending him abroad. However the zoo refused to move him to canada despite the global outcry.

“Animal rights activists had been calling on the 28-year-old animal to be moved to a zoo in Winnipeg, Canada, over claims that it was showing signs of stress.”  (Jill Reilly, Jessica Jerreat, 2014)

“But Gustavo Pronotto, director of Mendoza Zoo, said Tuesday that the bear, named Arturo, is too elderly to make the nearly 6,000-mile journey.” (Jill Reilly, Jessica Jerreat, 2014)

As an animal lover myself, it sadden me to see the polar bear in this state. I feel that all animals should be free to live in their natural habitat instead of being caged up. Sometimes what people considered love may actually be harm and pain to the other person.

Looking at the present where many people keep dogs as pets, there are a handful of news article showing how owners ill-treat their dogs. Some beat their dogs up or failed to feed them on a daily basis.
I feel that if the owner can’t be responsible for the proper care of whatever animal they are caging up, they should let them free. Animals too have feelings. Just like how human beings needs to eat to survive, animals too, and caging them up will affect their food chain.
We need to all lend a helping hand to stop all this ill-treatment of animals.
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