Individual Assesment 2 (Engineering)

My group consists of Wing shan, Natasha and I (Jer lyn), through this long journey we had worked together as a group to accomplish our end goal and enjoy the progress at the same time.

The first official task was our trip to the red dot museum, we went there to collate ideas for our year-end product making. Through the trip, we gained innovation and ideas on what we wanted to create. Each of us had to come up with 3 product that caught our eyes and I had elaborated on these 3 ideas in the link below.

Red Dot Museum reflection

A few weeks after the trip, we were tasked to come up with interview questions. Wing shan our leader went around interviewing people while I was recording down their responses as she interview. Then Natasha and I collated all our responses together and wrote it onto the sticky notes while wing shan paste them on the mahjong paper. The responses are shown in the picture below:

Interview Responses


Afterward, we searched the web for ideas that inspire us for our product design. I contributed some ideas on how it should look like and search up for interesting air purifier design, like the picture below: 


while wing shan our leader drew our product design, Natasha and I worked on our empathy map

empathy map

The next part of our journey consists of our first presentation. Wing shan distributed slides to us, and my contributed slides consist of the interviews, the persona, user feedbacks and user feedbacks improvement. the slides I’ve done are the ones shown below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 The next part consists of the three of us working together as a group to build our prototype. We discussed a date where all of us were free and went back to school on a weekend to finish our prototype. Here is some picture of us working on our prototype.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some of my contributions:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I volunteered to paint our prototype to make it look more presentable and eye catching. It was my main contribution, I also contributed my part by working on our air purifier. Other than that, I touch up on our prototype with a hot glue gun to make it neater. Here are some pictures of my contributions:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

our final prototype (during our gallery walk)

we were nearing the end of our engineering project, leaving only our final presentation. we discussed with each other on what we are supposed to do and which slides we are taking in our WhatsApp group as well as google slides. we had a total of 44 slides, so each of us had to take 14 slides each.

My part of the slides consists of our observation, problem statement, our original vs current plan, our interview questions & responses, types of coffee capsules, evaluation matrix, feedback questions and user feedbacks improvements.

Through the engineering project, I have learned a lot about time management and putting first thing first, as well as working together with my teammate and putting in an effort to work towards our end goal, as I’m going into engineering course next year, this project had given me a little taste of what it is like working on an engineering project and gets me prepared for next year. Overall, I enjoyed working with my two teammates Natasha & Wing shan, without them, this learning project would be so different. I feel that it is a great experience for us. We had come a long way and it had been enjoyable together with them.




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